We are not only open to the public 6 days a week, 12 hours a day to receive the recyclable material from individual, we know that there are different needs for our various commercial and industrial customers, we are able to provide the following methods of handling the recycling materials:

Equipments we provide for our cutomers:

Baler Machine – For Large or medium volume, we install a baler on your site.
Trailer or Flatbed – For Large or Bulky quantity. For Large Quantity, we will drop off 40 ft or 43 ft. flatbed for bales. For Bulky Materials, we can drop off 43 foot container (if it is necessary).
Roll-off bins
For Medium quantity, we can drop off 20 to 50 cubic yard bins
20 Cubic Foot, yard bin ( 20’x 8’ x 4’)
30 Cubic Foot, yard bin ( 20’x 8’ x 5’)
35 Cubic Foot, yard bin ( 20’ x 8’ x 6’)
40 Cubic Foot, yard bin ( 20’x 8’ x 7’)
50 Cubic Foot, yard bin ( 20’x 8’ x 8’)
Small Recycling Bin
For Smaller quantity
2 Yard bin
3 Yard bin
4 Yard bin
36 Gallon
96 Gallon


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